Words from the Pastor l

April  2018


Welcome to the month of April my Brothers and my Sisters in Jesus Christ. The Cold weather is almost behind us now, and I am all ready for warmer temperatures. Now I can go outside and play with my homemade garden; those big boy tomato plants are waving at me! I enjoy working in my garden, the sunshine and fresh air are good for me, so I try to get as much as I can. I do enjoy trying to make things grow. 

Listen Saints; first Sunday is a very special day for the Body of Christ. We, Believers, are excited about the fact that the Man who died for our sins was buried and rose from the dead. Death could not keep Him, and the Grave could not hold Him. Jesus got up from the Grave in three days just like He said He would. We as Saints rejoice in knowing that one day we shall defeat death and the grave and live with our Lord forevermore. Fathers do take your Family to Church this Sunday and celebrate.


Say Readers, please help us support our Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, Charles E. Blake Sr. In his "I AM" 2018 Mountain Top Conference, as we celebrate the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. This great event will be held April 2nd thru April 4th, 2018 at Mason Temple, Memphis, TN. For more information go to IAM2018.org.



Your Brother in Christ,

Pastor Wesson