Words from the Pastor l

May  2018


Hello again my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, welcome to the month of May. Things are looking brighter, the weather is warming up and we are moving around a little better now. Folks in Memphis are turning off our heat and checking the coolant in our air conditioners. You Saints who have been keeping up with me, know that I am making room for my backyard garden. You experts can write and give me some tips. I am doing everything in large pots and containers, buying lots of soil and Miracle Grow."Point your hands in this direction and pray for your Servant."


The month of May is an eventful one. We have two important days that we will be remembering. Mother's Day which is the second Sunday, and Pentecost which is the third Sunday of this month. I am asking that the Saints of God take someone to Church with them on those two special Sundays. I know that all of our wonderful Mothers will be happy and you will receive those powerful messages coming from anointed Men and Women of God.


Your Brother in Christ,

Pastor Wesson